Melaris - smooth take off, soft landing

Melaris LLC is an authorized distributor of Michelin® Aircraft Tyre in Russia and CIS, as well as an authorized dealer of “YаSHZ Avia” LLC (Yaroslavl tire plant). Our specialty is the trade of aircraft tires.
ООО Melaris LLC has a certificate of conformity issued by State Research Institute of Civil Aviation of Russian Federation.
We are delighted to offer you our services by providing your airline company with aircraft tires for civil aviation, ground transport (airstairs truck, lift trucks, etc.).
Over the years working in the aviation market our company became a reliable partner to many airline companies, MRO, aviation equipment suppliers in Russia and worldwide.
All this combined with the high professionalism of the team and operative methods of work allowed the company to take a leading place in the market of aviation services.
We also provide the following related services:
- Delivery both in Russia, CIS and worldwide;
- shipment in any assortment and volume on customer request;
- Provide customs service, obtaining all permitting certificates;
- Shipment and delivery by any type of transport;
- Multimodal freight.
Choosing us as your partners, you can count on clarity, efficiency, quality assurance of products and services.

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